Every organization must strike the right balance between risk and reward.

Although not all risk can be controlled, companies can manage issues that threaten them to build and sustain their reputations through times
of adversity. In the new cyber age, with threats escalating daily, a smart investment in reputation management pays long-term dividends.

We are a consulting firm that helps companies identify potential threats from cyber attacks and other issues, and then works with
management to develop communications that address and defuse the issues that threaten a company’s success.

Our experienced team understands what an important business asset a positive reputation can be and how a negative reputation can
become a drag on the business. Our services are designed to help companies prepare for major issues, mitigate damage to reputation and
revenues, reassure stakeholders during a crisis, and recover reputation to ensure future economic performance.

With Lift Reputation Advisors you get:

✓ Direct access to senior advisors  ✓ In-depth communications experience advising small, mid-size and Fortune 500
✓ Expertise on a range of reputational issues  ✓ Quick response and personal attention

Crisis Expertise

Crisis Expertise

  • Cybersecurity hacks
    and data breaches
  • Business closings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Relocations
  • Executive succession
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Reductions in force
  • Product recalls
  • Employee/workplace issues
  • Social media crises

Our Beliefs

Better ideas come through COLLABORATION.
TRANSPARENCY builds trust only when substance wins over  style. Back up your words with thoughtful deeds and action.
It takes MOXIE to confront difficult issues and resilience to turn the tide of public opinion when faced with adversity.

Mary Brophy

Mary Brophy


Mary has held leadership positions at the world’s largest independent PR agency, Edelman Worldwide, Cramer-Krasselt, Jacobson Rost and other
leading agencies. Her background includes advising CEO-level executives on a variety of crisis communications and reputational issues.

Tina Daniell


After reporting on health care for the Milwaukee Journal, Tina built on her editorial credentials to embark on an agency career, co-leading
the PR group at Cramer-Krasselt in Milwaukee and later advising clients at Nelson Schmidt and Buzz Monkeys.

Gigi Lubin


A former television news reporter, Gigi knows the immediacy of the news cycle. She has been getting clients in the news but keeping them out when critical for 14 years.

Peer & Client Recommendations

Mary is the complete PR professional and client advocate. She is a passionate and knowledgeable communications professional. She is thorough and she works with you, and for you, to build your brand. Beginning with her information gathering skills, her strategic analysis and her creative presentation and implementation, Mary will create a PR plan for her clients that will succeed. With Mary on your side, you’re in good hands.

Project EverGreen
Executive Director Cindy Code

I had the pleasure to work with Mary as a co-leader on many integrated marketing communications programs. Mary’s strength is her ability to develop strategically sound PR programs that were highly relevant to the media, and at the same time be a true professional as a client advocate. Mary was a great partner to our clients, and successful in developing great relationships with her constituents in the media.

Andy Dykstra
President at Priority Sign, Inc. 

The thing that impresses me about Mary is her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to find opportunities in whatever hand she is dealt. Mary is a strong communications strategist who knows what it takes and how to deliver results, while remaining keenly aware of financial targets and needs.

Greg Baldwin
Senior Director of Business Communications
The Dow Chemical Company